Samsung:5nm EUVプロセスに課題:歩留まり率が低迷(動画):  Samsung: Challenge to 5nm EUV process: Yield rate is low:  三星:5nm EUV工艺的挑战:良率低

EUV, Packaging Material & Waste, Product Safety & Quality, Semi conductor, Diode

半導体:EUV周辺装置の開発:レーザーテック、東京エレクトロン(動画):  Semiconductor: Development of EUV peripherals: Lasertec, Tokyo Electron: 半导体:EUV外设的开发:Lasertech,东京电子

EUV, Semi conductor, Diode

TSMCとSamsung:EUVの周辺技術調達:描画装置、検査装置(動画):  TSMC・Samsung: EUV peripheral procurement: drawing,inspection: 台积电和三星:EUV的外围技术采购:制图设备,检查设备

EUV, Semi conductor, Diode

台湾TSMC:微細加工技術が最先端 :中国SMICと比較(動画):  Taiwan TSMC: State-of-the-art microfabrication tech: Compared to SMIC: 台湾台积电:尖端微加工技术:与中国中芯国际比较

LSI, EUV, Semi conductor, Diode

ASML:台湾にEUVトレセンを開設:EUVリソグラフィ(動画):  ASML: EUV Center opened in Taiwan: EUV lithography:  ASML:EUV Center在台湾开业:EUV光刻

EUV, Diode

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