COVID-19:コロナ対策/米政府調達金額:上位30社ランキング(動画):  30 Companies With the Largest COVID-19 Government Contracts:  30家拥有最大COVID-19政府合同的公司

Procurement, Government, disclosure, flu, Statistics, Company

IBM:顔認証システム開発を中止:IBM CEO Arvind Krishna(動画):  IBM ends all facial recognition business as CEO calls out bias and inequality:  IBM结束了所有面部识别业务,因为首席执行官指出偏见和不平等

4 IT, recognition

筑波大:人工冬眠のスイッチを発見;selectively manipulate Q neurons(動画):  Neuroscience: Identifying a mammalian ‘snooze button’:  神经科学:识别哺乳动物的“打button按钮”

Riken, 5 Science, University

COVID-19:ペプチドリーム、米メルクと共同研究:新型コロナ治療薬(動画):  COVID-19: Research with Peptidream, Merck & Co., Inc.:new therapeutic drug for corona:  COVID-19:与肽梦公司,默克公司的合作研究:开发用于电晕的新型治疗药物

flu, Pharmaceutical

COVID-19:ユニクロ、国内店舗・サイトで発売:「エアリズム」素材(動画):  COVID-19: Uniqlo releases masks at domestic stores/sites: Materials for AIRism:  COVID-19:优衣库在国内商店/场所发布口罩:AIRism的材料

flu, Medical care

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