COVID-19:テルモ、7回接種可能な注射器量産へ:日本人向け(動画):  COVID-19: Terumo to produce syringes inoculating 7 times: COVID-19:Terumo将量产可注射7次的注射器:针对日本人

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COVID-19:シャープ・フェイスシールド:曇らず、光を反射せず(動画):  COVID-19: Sharp face shield: Does not fog and does not reflect light:  COVID-19:锋利的面罩:不雾且不反射光

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COVID-19:トヨタの改善重ねた消毒スタンド:消毒大使(動画):  COVID-19: Toyota’s improved stand: disinfection ambassador:  COVID-19:丰田改良的消毒台:消毒大使

hospital, flu, apparatus, medical service

COVID-19:村田製作所、ウイルス不活化を確認:オゾン発生装置(動画):  COVID-19: Murata confirms virus inactivation: Ozone generator:  COVID-19:村田制作所确认病毒已灭活:臭氧发生器

hospital, health, flu, apparatus

京都大:心臓表面へ細胞シート移植:内視鏡デバイス「ECSheeD」(動画):  Kyoto Univ: Cell sheet transplant to the the heart: Endoscopic device:  京都大学:细胞片移植到心脏表面:内窥镜设备“ ECSheeD”

apparatus, IPS, Medical science

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