NZ航空:食べられるコップ登場:twiice/The deliciously unexpected cup(動画):  NZ Airlines: Eatable cup appeared: twiice / The deliciously unexpected cup:  新西兰航空:出现了可食用杯:两次/意想不到的美味杯

Carbon, Green, Environment

マレーシア:ウイグル虐待、中国製品ボイコット:Mohd Asri bin Zainul Abidin(動画):  Muslims urged to boycott Chinese products over Uighur ‘abuses’:  穆斯林敦促抵制维吾尔族的“虐待”中国产品

minorities, religion, Guilty, 6 Society

中国:商業用宇宙同盟を創設:20企業、Landspace、OneSpace、iSpace開発担当(動画):  China creates commercial space alliance, expands launch complex:  中国建立商业太空联盟,扩大发射基地

China National Space Administration, rocket, Space

NIKE:イスラム教徒の女性用水着発表:”Nike Victory Swim Collection”(動画):  NIKE:Launch of Muslim women’s swimwear:”Nike Victory Swim Collection”:  NIKE:推出穆斯林妇女泳装:“ Nike Victory Swim Collection”

Sports, Entertainment

アウディ:MHEVの量産ハンガリーで開始:アウディQ3、Q3スポーツ量産:  Audi: Mass production of MHEV started in Hungary: Audi Q3, Q3 sports mass production:  奥迪:匈牙利开始量产MHEV:奥迪Q3,Q3运动量产


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