ABB:ロボット、NY百貨店で大活躍:at Bloomingdale’s NY flagship store(動画):  ABB robots ring in the holiday season at Bloomingdale’s iconic New York flagship store:  ABB机器人在Bloomingdale标志性的纽约旗舰店度假期间响起

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Star Wars:X-wing実機が初飛行?:Disney’s ’new Star Wars ride’会場(動画):  Real X-wings took flight at Disney’s new Star Wars ride grand opening thanks to Boeing:  得益于波音,真正的X翼在迪斯尼的新《星球大战》游戏盛大开幕式上飞行

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AML・OFAC:SDNリスト:サイバー関連指定:20191205: Cyber-related Designations; 网络相关名称;


日本ヒーロー:仮面ライダー/CLIMAX:東映の年末年始企画(動画):  Japan Hero: Masked Rider / CLIMAX: Toei’s New Year’s Holiday Project:  日本英雄:假面骑士/ CLIMAX:都营的新年假期项目

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宇宙開発:政府予算、ここ数年回復:Euroconsult’s Space Programs 2019 rep’t:  Global government space budgets continues multiyear rebound:  全球政府空间预算持续多年反弹

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