COVID-19:阪大、新型コロナ蛋白質構造情報公開:日本蛋白質構造データバンク(PDBj):  COVID-19:Osaka Univ Release of protein structure information of new corona:Protein Data Bank (PDBj) COVID-19:大阪大学:发布新电晕的蛋白质结构信息:日本蛋白质数据库(PDBj)

flu, catastrophe, Medical science, Statistics

OneWeb:Chapter 11で破産申請:ソフトバンク、20億ドル投資済(動画):  OneWeb to file for bankruptcy, sources say:  消息人士称,OneWeb申请破产

bankruptcy, Company

日本アニメ:「ワタル 七魂の龍神丸」:BANDAI SPIRITS(動画):  Japan anime: “Wataru: The Seven Souls of the Dragon Dragon”: BANDAI SPIRITS:  日本动漫:“ Wataru:龙的七种灵魂”:BANDAI SPIRITS

Anime, Entertainment

韓国:米FRBと為替スワップ契約締結:期限は6カ月(短期間)(動画):  South Korea: Exchange swap contract with US Fed: 6 months (short term):  韩国:与美联储的外汇掉期合约:6个月(短期)

macro, TRADE, 3 Economy, Inbalance, Reserve

COVID-19:韓国の通貨危機:「ウォン売り」の不安:  COVID-19:South Korean Currency Crisis: “Won Selling” Worries:  COVID-19:韩国货币危机:“韩元出售”忧虑

macro, TRADE, 3 Economy, Inbalance, Reserve

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