IBM:顔認証システム開発を中止:IBM CEO Arvind Krishna(動画):  IBM ends all facial recognition business as CEO calls out bias and inequality:  IBM结束了所有面部识别业务,因为首席执行官指出偏见和不平等

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COVID-19:NORMEE、ペガサス・テック・ベンチャから出資:手のひら静脈認証:  COVID-19: NORMEE, invested by Pegasus Tech Venture: Palm vein authentication:  COVID-19:NORMAE,由Pegasus Tech Venture投资:掌静脉认证

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COVID-19:NEC、マスク着用でも本人特定:顔・虹彩認証を統合(動画):  NEC Develops Biometric Device to Identify People with Face Masks:  NEC开发生物识别设备来识别带有口罩的人-

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画像ビジネス:Orbital Insightの衛星画像解析:世界の原油備蓄量を測定(動画):  Imaging: Orbital Insight satellite image analysis: Measuring the world’s crude oil reserves:  影像业务:Orbital Insight卫星影像分析:测量世界原油储量

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COVID-19:マスク着用でも本人認証可能:新ウォークスルー型顔認証:  COVID-19: Glory:Personal authentication even when wearing a mask: walk-through system:  COVID-19:即使戴着口罩也可以进行个人身份验证:新的穿墙人脸身份验证

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