COVID-19:富士フイルム、アビガンでインド製薬と提携:with Dr. Reddy’s and GRA COVID-19: Fujifilm form a partnership with Dr. Reddy’s /Global Response Aid: for the  drug Avigan. COVID-19:Fujifilm和Avigan与一家制药公司建立了合作关系:与Reddy博士和全球响应援助组织合作

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中国:無人機「翼竜2」中東へ輸出攻勢:中東10カ国へ(動画):  China:drone “Pterosaur 2” to the Middle East: Offensive to 10 countries in the Middle East:  中国:向中东出口无人机“翼龙2”:对中东10个国家的进攻

weapon, UAV, Defense

ボリビア:バーチャル観光ツアー登場:Lake Titicaca/リャマやアルパカ(動画):  Bolivia: Virtual Sightseeing Tour Appears: Lake Titicaca/Llama and Alpaca:  玻利维亚:出现虚拟观光旅游:的喀喀湖/骆马和羊驼

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COVID-19:日本で「DNAワクチン」開発:大阪大のベンチャー「アンジェス」(動画):  COVID-19: “DNA vaccine” development in Japan: Osaka Univ venture “Anges”:  COVID-19:日本开发“ DNA疫苗”:大阪大学的合资企业“ Anges”

Vaccine, flu

AML・FCPA:韓国SK Engineering、米軍詐欺事件で有罪:罰金6,840万ドル(動画):  South Korean SK Engineering Pleads Guilty to Defrauding U.S. Army, to Pay $68.4 Million 韩国工程公司承认欺诈美国军队,同意支付6840万美元

Guilty, Regulation, Defense

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