COVID-19:WHOが’3密’=’3C’回避を提唱:SNS呼びかけ(動画):  COVID-19: WHO advocates avoiding ‘3 dense’ = ‘3C’: Calling on SNS:  COVID-19:WHO提倡避免使用“ 3密集” =“ 3C”:呼吁SNS

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COVID-19:「感染症対策ソリューション」開発:赤外線サーモグラフィ、顔認証 AI(動画):   COVID-19:”Infectious Disease Control Solution”:Infrared thermograph,face recognition AI:  COVID-19:“传染病控制解决方案”的开发:红外热像仪,面部识别

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東レ:塗布型/低コストRFID を開発:世界初のUHF帯無線通信:  Toray:Dispensable/low cost RFID:World’s first UHF band wireless communication:  东丽:已开发的可分配/低成本RFID:全球首个UHF频段无线通信

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東京海上:イスラエルでピッチイベント:Insuring the Future-Startup Challenge 2020(動画):  Tokio Marine:pitch event in Israel:Insuring the Future-Startup Challenge 2020:  Tokio Marine:以色列的推销活动:确保2020年未来创业挑战

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中国:Calypso APT、6か国政府を標的:Advanced Persistent Threat(APT)(動画):  Chinese hacking group targeted governments in six countries:  中国黑客组织针对六个国家的政府

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