COVID-19:中国製ワクチン、有効性の低さを示唆:CCDC・Gao Fu(動画):   COVID-19: Chinese vaccine, suggesting low efficacy: CCDC / Gao Fu:  COVID-19:中国疫苗,表明疗效低:CCDC /高复

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COVID-19:京大、新型コロナ薬候補発見:raloxifene、 pioglitazone(動画):  COVID-19:Kyoto Univ discovers drug candidate:raloxifene、pioglitazone: COVID-19:京都大学发现新的电晕候选药物:雷洛昔芬和吡格列酮

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中国:日本の介護映画が大絶賛:華東師範大学大ホール(動画):  China: Japan’s long-term care movie acclaimed: East China Normal Univ: 中国:日本长期护理电影广受好评:华东师范大学大礼堂

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COVID-19:アルゼンチン保健省イベルメクチン臨床試験:軽度外来患者(動画):  Argentina Clinical Trial: Ivermectin Shows Benefit with Mild COVID-19:  阿根廷卫生部临床试验:伊维菌素对治疗轻度COVID-19的门诊患者显示出益处

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京セラ:脈を測るだけで”糖質”の量がわかる:ダイエットの味方!(動画):  Kyocera: the amount of “Carbohydrate” just by the pulse: A diet ally!:  京瓷:您只需测量脉搏就可以知道“糖”的量:一个饮食盟友!

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