KDDI:世界初の水空合体ドローン:空を飛び、水に潜る(動画):  KDDI: Water-Air Combined Drone: Fly in the Sky and Dive in Water:  KDDI:世界上第一架水空联合无人机:在天空中飞翔,在水中潜水

UAV, Submarine, Drone, Aviation

中国:密かに軍用ドローン企業を買収:Alpi Aviation(動画):  China: Secretly Acquires Military Drone Company: Alpi Aviation:  中国:秘密收购军用无人机公司:Alpi Aviation

UAV, Drone, Aviation

東京大学:ドローンが海底探査AUVと通信(動画):  Tokyo Univ: Drone communicates with submarine exploration AUV: 东京大学:无人机与潜艇探索AUV通信:

UAV, Submarine, Drone, Communication

東京海洋大:水中トラッキングで光無線通信:10Mbpsの速度(動画):  Tokyokaiyo Univ: Underwater tracking・optical wireless comm: 10Mbps speed: 东京海洋大学:水下跟踪和光无线通信:10 Mbps 速度

UAV, Research, Submarine, Communication

ホンダ:eVTOLを発表:in the USt as early as 2023(動画):  Honda: Announces eVTOL: in the USt as early as 2023:  本田:宣布 eVTOL:最早于 2023 年在美国上市

UAV, Airplane, Drone, Helicopter, Aviation

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