COVID-19:革新的酸化剤MA-T®:ウイルスを98%以上消毒:  COVID-19: Innovative Oxidizer MA-T®: Disinfects over 98% of viruses:  COVID-19:创新型氧化剂MA-T®:对98%以上的病毒进行消毒

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住友電工:Amprionの直流ケーブル受注:HVDC cable project,Corridor A-Nord(動画):  Sumitomo Electric secures “Corridor A-Nord” High Voltage DC Underground Cable Project in Germany:  住友电工获得德国5亿欧元“走廊A-Nord”高压直流地下电缆项目

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EV事故:充電ステーションでEV爆発;東莞、充電器事故発生(動画):  Watch This Severe Electric Car Fire And Explosion At A Charging Station:  在充电站观看这种严重的电动汽车着火和爆炸

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COVID-19:ハンガリー、アビガンの臨床試験へ:Minister Péter Szijjártó:  Hungary : Japan supplies Hungary with medicine to treat COVID-19:  关于匈牙利-冠状病毒:日本向匈牙利提供治疗COVID-19的药物

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住友電工:高品質6インチSiC基板を開発:”CrystEra®” の製品化:  Sumitomo Electric develops high-quality 6-inch SiC substrate:”CrystEra®”:  住友电工开发高质量的6英寸SiC衬底:将“CrystEra®”商业化

LSI, Semi conductor, Diode

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