JOLED:TCL CSOTと業務提携:OLED開発・製造・販売(動画):  Japan JOLED: Business alliance with TCL CSOT: OLED manufacturing:  日本JOLED:与TCL CSOT在中国的业务联盟:OLED的开发,制造和销售

LED, Diode

COVID-19:日本3社、6月中国新車販売:3カ月プラス(動画):  COVID-19:3 Autos, sales of new Chinese vehicles in June:3 months positive:  COVID-19:3家日本公司,6月份中国新车销售:连续3个月呈阳性

Statistics, AUTO, Sales

COVID-19:4-6月米自動車販売大幅減少:GM、FCA小幅減少(動画):  Automakers Laud Resilience of U.S. Consumers Buoying Sales:  汽车制造商赞扬美国消费者的抵御能力提振销售-

AUTO, Sales

COVID-19:麻雀卓用シートシールド:ジャンシールド:  COVID-19: Sheet Shield for Mahjong Table: “Jong Shield”:  COVID-19:麻将桌板盾:“吉恩盾”

Game, Entertainment

COVID-19:中国で、腺ペスト発生:内モンゴル・バヤンノール(動画):  COVID-19: Gland plague outbreak in China: Inner Mongolia Bayan Noor:  COVID-19:中国的腺鼠疫暴发:内蒙古巴彦诺尔

flu, disease, monitor

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