Luckin Coffee:不正会計で罰金186億円支払い:米SECと和解(動画):  Luckin Coffee: Fined 18.6 bil yen for fraudulent : Settled with SEC:  Luckin Coffee:因欺诈性会计而被罚款186亿日元:与美国证券交易委员会达成和解

manner, Guilty, Regulation, litigation, Brand

韓国:黄禹錫氏、ES細胞論文をねつ造:叙勲取消しは不当を訴え(動画):  S.Korea:Hwang Woo-suk,forging treatise:Revocation of honor is unjustified: 韩国:黄善先生,伪造ES细胞论文:撤销荣誉是不合理的

Research, 5 Science, litigation

Purdue Pharma:オピオイド告発で有罪: Sackler family(動画):  Purdue Pharma pleads guilty to criminal charges :US opioid crisis:  普渡制药公司对与美国阿片类药物危机有关的刑事指控表示认罪

claim, manner, contamination, education, Catastrophe, 6 Society, Regulation, litigation

AML・FCPA:世銀、中国CEDRIを調達禁止:project in Zambia(動画):  World Bank debars unit of state-owned China construction company:  国有中国建筑公司世界银行脱扣股

license, claim, manner, Regulation, litigation

スウェーデン:孔子学院をすべて閉鎖:Stockholm Free World Forum(動画):  Sweden: Confucius Institute closed : Stockholm Free World Forum:  瑞典:所有孔子学院关闭:斯德哥尔摩自由世界论坛

minorities, manner, 6 Society, Regulation, litigation

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