Gucci:Kering社、中国全店舗、一時閉鎖:sharp drop in China.(動画):  Gucci owner Kering halts spending in China amid coronavirus fears:  Gucci老板Kering因担心冠状病毒而暂停在华投资

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Gucci:Beverly Hillsにレストラン開店:次はオステリア銀座店(動画):  Gucci opens its first American restaurant in Beverly Hills:  Gucci在比佛利山庄开设第一家美国餐厅

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Burberry:新型肺炎、中国販売直撃:closed 1/2 stores(動画):  Burberry says coronavirus outbreak is hurting sales in China:  Burberry表示冠状病毒的爆发正在损害中国的销售

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ユニクロ:ヒートテック・レビュー:着脹れなし、暖かさの秘密(動画):  Uniqlo Heattech review: My secret to staying warm without bulky layers:  优衣库Heattech评论:我的秘诀是保持温暖而没有厚薄的外衣

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Gucci:Moncler社買収で協議:Moncler’s CEO, Remo Ruffini(動画):  Gucci’s owner reportedly held talks to buy Moncler in a potential $12 billion deal:  据报道,古驰的所有者举行了以120亿美元的潜在价格收购Moncler的谈判

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