JERA:石炭火力発電にアンモニアを採用:碧南火力発電所(動画):  JERA: Ammonia is used for coal-fired power gen: Hekinan Thermal Power: JERA:氨用于燃煤发电:Hekinan Thermal Power Station

coal, Carbon Emissions, Impact Climate Change Vulnerability, Green Building, ammonia, Energy

東工大:50 °Cで水素と窒素からアンモニア合成:100年ぶりの革命(動画):  Tokyo Tech: Ammonia synthesis from hydrogen/nitrogen at 50 ° C: 东京工业大学:50°C 下由氢和氮合成氨:100 年来的第一次革命

Carbon Emissions, Impact Climate Change Vulnerability, Toxic Emissions & Waste, Renewable Energy, ammonia, renewable energy, Energy

シーメンス:東レとグリーン水素で提携:Hydrocarbon membranes(動画):  Siemens:With Toray for Green Hydrogen Tech: Hydrocarbon membranes: 西门子:与 Toray 合作开发绿色氢技术:碳氢电解质膜

nano tech, Carbon Emissions, Impact Climate Change Vulnerability, Clean Tech, Green Building, Renewable Energy, carbon fiber

日本製鉄:常圧二酸化炭素からプラスチック:直接合成(動画):  Nippon Steel: Plastic from atmospheric carbon dioxide: Direct synthesis:  新日铁:来自大气二氧化碳的塑料:直接合成

pollution, Carbon Emissions, Product Carbon Footprint, Water Stress, Clean Tech, Renewable Energy, Carbon, Environment

JERA:アンモニアで火力発電:INPEXがUAEと連携(動画):  JERA: Thermal power generation with ammonia: INPEX cooperates with UAE:  JERA:氨热发电:INPEX与阿联酋合作

Carbon Emissions, Toxic Emissions & Waste, Clean Tech, ammonia, Energy

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